The great platinum dragon of Celestia has emerged as the primary deity of good in Cormyr since the death of Tyr. While the Lady of Luck is still worshiped in Arabel, in the south and center of Cormyr, Bahamut provides hope to the people. The leader of the Purple Dragons, Lord High Marshal Marliir, is a paladin in the service of Bahamut.

The main center of worship for Bahamut in Cormyr had long been the The Dragon’s Radiance, located in Suzail. The Radiance, as it is also known, is a modest two-story temple near the palace region. This temple though has been far surpassed by the new temple outside of Arabel, the Platinum Abbey. The Abbey is built on the ruins of Tyr’s Abbey—after the Abbey was sacked during the Goblin War, and Tyr abdicated his godhood, the clergy chose not to follow Torm, but under the guidance of Lord Marliir, and the newly arrived Abbess Chalean, gave their allegiance to Bahamut. Like the previous Abbey of Tyr, it is only the fact that it lies outside the city walls preventing major friction with the clergy of Waukeen (one of the unoffical but highly enforced rules of Arabel is that no temple or church may be larger or grander than that of the Luck Lady’s).

There are several specialty order serving the great Platinum Wyrm:

The Platinum Cadre is an order of dragonborn knights from Tymanther

The Dragonborn are an order of Paladin’s dedicated to protecting the weak, and upholding the law. Lord Marliir holds a commission as knight-commander among them.

Specialty Priests (Wyrmguards)

Requirements: Wisdom 14, Intelligence 13

Prime Req.: Wisdom, Intelligence

Alignment: LG

Weapons: All bludgeoning weapons, long sword

Armor: Any

Major Spheres: All, animal, combat, divination, guardian, healing, law, protection, time, wards, weather

Minor Spheres: Charm, elemental, sun

Req. Profs: Ancient languages (Auld Wyrmish)

Bonus Profs: Airborne riding (dragons), modern languages (pick one metallic dragon tongue)

Humans, elves, half-elves, and the rare half-dragon can be wyrmguards. Wyrmguards are able to call upon faith (as the 1st-level priest spell) once per day. At 3rd level, wyrmguards can cast protection from evil once per day. At 5th level, wyrmguards are able to cast fly (as the 3rd level wizard spell) or protection from evil, 10’ radius once per day. At 7th level, wyrmguards can make three attacks every two rounds. At 10th level, wyrmguards can choose partial immunity to one type of magical and nonmagical damage (including dragon breath version of it): fire, cold, acid, lightning, or poison (including poisonous gases). They automatically make all saving throws required for exposure to that type of damage. At 13th level, wyrmguards can make two attacks every round. At 14th level, wyrmguards can choose total immunity to the type of magical and nonmagical damage they chose at 10th level(including dragon breath version of it). Alternately, they may choose another attack to gain partial immunity to from the same list as before. At 16th level, wyrmguards are able to summon a young adult dragon to serve them as a mount. The exact species summoned is determined by Bahamut, but typically corresponds to the breed most common to the region. Such wyrms serve until they advance one age bracket, they feel the terms of their service are being abused, or they are slain. Summoned wyrms are free-willed and by no means are under the control of their summoner. They view the priest as a friend and will most likely perform any reasonable request asked of them. A wyrmguard may summon a mount no more than once per decade and only if no wyrm has served the priest in the past three years.

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