Platinum Scales

Holy Bracers Shield Bonus +5


Nature: Holy Defense (An item with +holy defense_ protects the wearer from all unholy effects. This power counters the evil damage reduction bypasses of unholy weapons and negates the extra 2d6 points of damage against such weapons typically do to targets of good alignment. It also shields the wearer from any draining attacks, such as level or ability drains. It does not protect against poisons, disease or other physical ailments that impinge on ability.

Alignment: LG

Material: Unknown (reputedly made from a single scale of the great platinum dragon of good, Bahamut.


There are seven of these bracers in existence, one for each of the seven Golden Wyrms who are the companions of Bahamut. They are given to mortals of great good, to both protect them, but also to help inspire them to great deeds that will inspire others. Lord Marliir, the current Lord High Marshall of the Purple Dragons.

Platinum Scales

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